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Cachorros amigos

Discover our History

It all started when a dog made all the difference in a difficult phase of my life and since that moment, I have committed to doing the same for them.

So we went in search of everything that could be done to improve the dogs' well-being. At that moment came the idea of a space dedicated to them. 

With the project of being a school with the objective of teaching a safer social life, more balanced dogs and contributing to the fulfillment of their needs, DOG MOKE ESCOLA PARQUE. 

It's not just about running and just spending energy. Our intention goes beyond fun, creating a learning environment and  safe interaction and, above all,  recognizing their importance to dogs _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_in our lives and in the lives of each family that comes to us.

dog moke

The choice of our company name is no accident. The word dog comes from English and means dog. Moke , in turn, has its origin in an indigenous language and means enlightened. So, nothing fairer than naming our company with words that together describe exactly what our pets do: they brighten up our days and our lives! They are, without a doubt, enlightened dogs.


Miguel Cavalcanti

Responsible  behavioral of space.

Agility Trainer and Instructor

FBAA registration number: PB000289 


Fabiana Cavalcanti

Marketing Director, Developer of Activities, Floral Therapist (CRTH-BR 5963)

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