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Julia / Kira

We love all the DM activities, kirinha is super excited on daycare and agility days. Agility helped a lot in our bond, concentration and willpower. The daycare taught so much to Kirinha, she is not afraid of her friends anymore, she is comfortable with the presence of other puppies around her, and besides that her happiness when she is there is immeasurable.

Barbara / Princess

Undoubtedly, at the daycare, the care and affection that all the instructors treat Princess is what satisfies me the most at Dogmoke, especially because she is a special (blind) puppy. The physical space is wonderful and provides a moment of leisure that she would not have inside an apartment. In addition, I can also talk about the positive training with Miguel, who did an exceptional job to adjust my Princess' behavior and the way she has to deal with adversity :)


Ana Carolina / Romeo

At DM Romeo, his behavior has improved a lot, he is more polite, focused and as a tutor, I also followed the tips of the DogMoke staff and also changed my behavior with him. Romeo bossed me around. Today, with the help of the DM family, we have learned to balance our relationship and we are much happier. The dynamics of the DM are sensational. It's not just a place where we leave the dogs to spend time, they do activities, stimulate various senses.. I'm a fan.

Melina / Ragnar

The team's attention to both the tutor and the dog. Dogmoke not only offers pets fun, they also teach and make some learning easier.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-13 at 11.39.19.jp
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 14.53.36.jp

Roberta / Sun

The attention, affection and commitment to our babies!

Carol / Juju

Juju needed to have contact with other dogs and play freely, as she lives in ap. At dog moke, she found all this and more! The individualized service is exceptional and she is simply in love with the little school ♥️


Adhalida / Chico


When I found Dog through social media, I was happy to provide Chico with fun, in the moments when we have to work... But when I arrived at Dog, Chico got very scared and broke my heart, the staff informed that it was just like that and that soon he wouldn't want to come home anymore. I believe that Chico's fear only lasted a few days, and today he himself opens the gate with a very happy jump and runs towards the field, my heart is so happy when I see him doing this, because I know he is very well treated and polite too, today Chico is a much happier dog, polite, he is still learning about limits lol but this is a long way because of his hyperactivity lol. Anyway, what I like most about Dog is everything lol

Elvira / Cooper

It was definitely the best thing I did for Coop. He is a sociable and easygoing dog and I owe that to dogmoke. At home he is very nice, quiet, doesn't destroy anything, because he uses up the energy he has on the days I take him there. Not to mention the need for interaction with other dogs that is fully supplied there, since I don't have another dog at home. In addition, the professionals who are part of the DM really like what they do and treat the doguinhos with a lot of love. This is very clear every time I leave Cooper there, because he just loves it and doesn't even look back! The feedback I get regarding cooper behaviors helps a lot too!!


Rhaissa / Cookie

In addition to Dog Moke having a great space to interact with the dogs, all the staff do this activity with love and dedication. Cookie has been going since he was little and loves all the time he spends there. It's a place where he has fun, feels safe, makes friends and learns a lot! Everything that I, as a pet mother, learned about dogs was strongly influenced by Dog Moke and its excellent professionals.

Rhaissa / Lola

Lola has been going to Dog Moke since she was a baby and has learned to like space over time. At first, she was very shy, but now she doesn't even look back when I leave her at daycare! I love playing with brother Cookie there and interacting with the other little friends. She has also learned a lot from Dog Moke and her behavior has improved a lot since she started going into space.

Cão que desgasta o traje

Raquel / Niko 

Diversity in types of activity among dogs. Park location.

Ligia / Mia

The best way to caress someone's heart is to do good to those they love, and that's what DM does, affection, love and a lot of care for our little pets❤


Cinara / Fidel

From the activities developed in the agility class, which helped to improve Fidel's behavior.
That Fidel is very happy with agility classes and spends a lot of energy. I'm also enjoying it a lot because it made me less strict with him.

Aryadne / Aria

The result that Aria showed with the daycare service, she spends a lot of energy, learns from classes and no longer presents inappropriate behaviors (gnawing sandals, destroying objects), apart from being one of the corners of her happiness. Another thing that I was very pleased about and felt safe with the service of the dogmoke team was how quickly they identified her hind leg problem, allowing me to treat it early before it caused a bigger problem and she needed some surgery. In summary, the care that the dogmoke team has in every detail, the information obtained about Aria's day, the transparency in the service, the attention to the behavior and all the love offered.


Javi / Pituco

What I liked most about DOG Moke is seeing the pituco returning home happy and satisfied!! He is very happy and excited every time he arrives at the daycare!! And I'm calm because I know it's being well taken care of. Before being part of the DOG Moke team, the pituco did not like to socialize with other dogs, however.. now, we have seen an improvement in this aspect which makes us very happy.

Alana / Moon

In addition to the social and cognitive interaction that dogmoke provides to our dogs, it also has the interaction between tutors, between the team, enriching us even more about information and experiences. It's too bad!

sol veterana.jpeg

Alana / Sun

Patience and guidance to tutors, in the face of adverse behavioral situations of our dogs (among others), gives us more confidence and calm, to understand and deal with these cases and try to make them increasingly rare. Much love!

Domenica / Lukinha

Interaction with other dogs, games compatible with the dog's size and personality.

I love the daycare, it does a damn good thing for Lukinho who can run and get dirty safely.


Maria Candida / Koda

It actually influenced the way I looked at Koda, which was reflected in his life. Going to dogmoke is synonymous with physical activity, interaction, respect.

Kenya / Nyx

The opportunity to socialize Nix during the pandemic, as we couldn't go out or meet other dogs, not to mention having the support of professionals in the area made the whole process much easier. Today we noticed that Nix has the adequate and necessary energy expenditure for her, in addition to being very happy whenever she plays with her friends 🥰


Joana / Zoe

I liked that you share our pets according to each one's temperament, respecting them in their own way without forcing undue interaction

Luana / Kubo

Kubo is a sociable dog thanks to DogMoke's work. I like the team and I feel very safe leaving Kubo there.

IMG-20210331-WA0003 (1).jpg

Bianca / Artemis 

I really enjoyed the activities developed on site, they focus a lot on the well-being of the puppies, including as much as possible the tutor about the activities they perform there. Always very affectionate and attentive to our pets, and wonderful customer service. My little daughter improved a lot, she was very anxious and I didn't understand that for that reason I ended up destroying some things in the house, after providing her with more activities and better understanding her universe, everything changed for the better. Thankful always!

Stephanie / Zoe

Physical activity helped me in the process of improving zoe's immunity, increasing energy expenditure, it reduced stress and improved appetite. Without physical activity she was an incomplete puppy!


Cynthia / Napoleão 

Dogmoke brought joy to my four-legged son. Just hear the word “daycare” and he gets excited. He loves to spend his afternoons playing with his friends.

After his little sister arrived, Napoleon's joy is having quiet afternoons at the nursery. Should I warn you that when she's old enough she'll go with him too? 😅

Rayana / Venus 

I love the way my little girl is treated well, the variety of activities and all the attention and affection she receives from her uncles!


Marianna / Lotus 

Lotus is a shy and insecure dog. I needed to live with dogs too, and dog moke provided me with the necessary security to work on these and other aspects. I am very happy to see his evolution and calm to know the love and affection they dedicate to my 4-legged puppy. Gratitude!

Taciana / Bernadete 

Since arriving at dogmoke Bernadette has always been very well received. I like it a lot and I think the daycare is very important for the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, in an open environment, and that is taken care of by people who understand behavior, letting them play, doing sensory, cognitive activities - which has been very important to Berna, because she is a dog that, while being very lively, is also relaxed, is not a destructive dog, and gets along very well when she meets other dogs on the street. I also like it a lot because you are always talking to us about her day, how she is behaving, you guide us, give us tips.. this has been very good and important for us who are "first-time tutor parents"!! On top of all that, when I needed to travel, I left Berne in the DM for the whole day and I was very calm. Rafa always sent me news, showing how she was doing, talking about whether she had eaten or not, and it was great to know that there is a place where, when I need it, I can leave her and she, in addition to having fun, will be well taken care of. Now Berna has come into heat and, as she cannot have contact with other dogs, we started agility, which has been wonderful! I believe that our relationship will get even better and that she will be more attentive. Bern loves going to dogmoke!!


Rodrigo / Kyra 

Dogmoke is a great space with professionals who love animals and a place where Kyra has a great time and has her senses stimulated!

Rodrigo / Napoleon(dog) 

My dog has a lot of energy, so being able to spend it and still having fun is the big goal. I like knowing that he is with people who take care of their dogs and treat him with love and respect.

Arriving at the end of the day and finding my puppy tired and very happy from playing is the greatest gratitude for the service.


Paulo / Lito 

The DogMoke team knows what they're doing! It has criteria for receiving dogs, understands animal behavior and has a great space for them to play! Not to mention that they mix fun with the education of our doguinhos... Lito is a fearful, anxious and ultra attached dog to me. Over time it is gaining confidence, interacting and letting go...

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